Who am I?

Hello! Please, have a seat! *drags a massive reading chair across the room.*

I’m Maya C. Popa, a Romanian-American writer, editor, and teacher.

I’m the Poetry Editor of Publishers Weekly and teach at NYU and elsewhere.

I’m also the author of two collections of poetry: Wound is the Origin of Wonder and American Faith.

I teach monthly craft classes and workshops over Zoom. Find out my classes here.

Why I started writing this newsletter:

I began this newsletter to talk about my great passions: poetry, wonder, and mindset, with a nice helping of apocryphal and weird literary stuff (see: Emily Dickinson’s gingerbread recipe) sprinkled in.

I also wanted to serialize my PhD research on wonder, partially to debunk the notion that academic research or writing has to be inaccessible or riddled with jargon.

Each Wonder Wednesday, I post a piece that looks at the role of wonder in literature.

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Maya C. Popa 

Poetry Editor of Publishers Weekly | Author of 'Wound' is the Origin of Wonder (W. W. Norton '22) | PhD on wonder in poetry